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tv   Stossel  FOX News  January 26, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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appreciation and respect to the young ince from time to time. that's a wrap on news watch this week. i am john scott. thanks for watching. see you next week with another edition of "fox news watch." >> this week watching the inauguration i wondered did we elect ta king? john adams suggested george washington be called his most benign hine necessary. congress insisted on a more modest title. the people cheering the president this week acted like he will make everything better. >> climate change. >> what do you think the next four years will be like? >> definitely think it will get better. >> what will he do about immigration? >> this is not the american dream. this is an american nightmare. >> about marijuana?
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>> a celebratory smokeout now that pot is legal. >> about spending? >> obama 35r9 2. that's our show tonight. >> obama part 2, that's our show. tonight. >> and now "jojohn stossel. >> who was that guy? anyway, this monday, our nation's capital looked like a monarchy looks when a new king is crowned. thousands applaud, cheer acting like subjects worshipping nobility. at a time when america faces unsustainable debt, economic trouble, why all of the pomp. watching i wondered should our capital be called imperial washington? maybe i go too farment senator burasso attended he joins us from washington. my imperial washington seems to
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be a minority opinion. am i being unfair? >> i have been to every inauguration since i was 8 and miep dad took -- my dad took me john kennedy's inauguration. this inauguration i am less concerned about what happens this one day than what this president plans to do for the next four as an imperial president with rules regulation and red tape and bizarres, the recess appointments rather than actual realizing this is one of three branchs of government. i believe he thinks he's the king. >> you talk about your father bringing you to these inaugurations which is sort of unusual. you were not in politics. you had a real job. you were a doctor. now that you are in the senate is there an imperial attitude of we know best and we are going to fix it all? >> i think the imperial attitude is coming out of the obama white house. you saw this last week he came
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out with 23 executive orders related to guns and issues there. so i think we are going to continue to see this president over reach and do things that he wasn't able to do legislatively. >> this idea of executive orders does seem extraordinary. paul bagoalo working for president clinton stroke of the pen law of the land kind of cool. >> this is a president that i think has gone way beyond that in terms of the number of regulations that have come out under this administration in what are called significant regulations which have an impact of over $100 million. those are the things hurting our economy making it harder to get people back to work and making it harder for hard-working taxpayers. >> to be fair to president obama he's not the first to do this by any means even george washington did this, teddy roosevelt did many more nixon's wage and price control executive order.
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peace corps is an executive order. there is precedent. >> there is but if you go back to the founding fathers if men are angels we wouldn't need laws. that's why they set up a checks and balance system of government and the president doesn't appear to believe that applies to him. >> i go back to our first president as i look at an inauguration, george washington said that political parties are likely in the course of time and things to become potent engines by which cunning ambitious and unprincipaled men subvert the power of the people to ue syrup for themselves the reigns of government for unjust tomorrow mignonute -- dominion. you leave the medical profession come to ush with aing ton you see that? >> i want to work to improve the quality of life of the american people. what you have now seen with that quote and we have seen with the president's campaign team, they have now moved that to a nonprofit. they are going to take money
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from unions and corporations, they will not say that they will report how much they get from each of those unions and corporations and they are saying they are going to use it for the political purposes not, john, to deal with the economy and jobs and debt and spending which are key interests to the american people but they are going to focus on guns and i am brakes. those issues. climate change of all things. that's where they are going to direct the money and the power instead of dealing with the issues that are number one on the minds of the american people. >> and if congress won't vote to support it your staff said you like the weekly standard cover we don't need no stinking congress. >> that's -- that cover tells the story of the way this immaterial presidency is going to be run. the president's disdain for congress doesn't just apply to the republican party. i talked to colleagues in the senate who were democrats chairmen of committees who
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haven't heard from the president for extended periods of time. the president is seeming to divorce himself to the entire institution. >> why not? i have disdain for congress the public does. a lot of them are self interested buffoons. >> the conts tugs was set up in a way that there are checks and balances. the president doesn't come and visit with the voters of wyoming or in many other states around the country and it is the opportunity of individual citizens to have their voices heard by their local elected representatives and the president should be paying attention to that saying it is his way or the highway he knows best and the president from his inaugural address was saying i am the government and i am here to help you. >> senator barrasso thank you for being with us tonight.
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thank you for attending the inaugural so i don't have to. kennedy you went there and interviewed people. what was that like? >> it was cold and crowded and boring. >> they waited 6 hours or more in the crowd to hear this man they love so much. >> an entire group of people that can appropriately be called obama zombies. but they weren't looking for brains they were looking for their hero to worship. >> watching your interviews i got the sense that there are still people who think a president and this president owe specially is magic a politician can solve everything. >> i feel good we have elected obama. >> climate change. climate change. we left chicago there hasn't been any no since winter. this is important. >> what do you think the next four years are going to be like? >> awesome.
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i think it's going to get better for sure. >> it will get better. >> how so? >> more jobs. >> you think? >> i think so. >> what will drive the improving economy? >> you are asking hard questions on a cold day. >> you think he will run for a third term? >> if he could, he would. >> three terms. >> yeah. the darned 22nd amendment to the constitution. that's the only thing that will hold him back. >> were people suspicious of you? did they ask where are you from? >> we are always a littleal loof -- when an interview doesn't go well they say where are you from? we say stossel. 80 percent of people it shuts them up and they walk away. grumble, grumble. where does that air, fox news. oh, fox. they threaten lawsuits. >> we want to hear their ideas. president's inauguration speech,
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traditional tlif been more ceremoniaser moan -- they have been more ceremonial. big government is coming and the heck with the absolutists who resist and the crowd liked that. >> now that he has the mandate having been leblthed for a second term i think that that is probably he has the latitude to make boulder moves. >> i think he has more freedom to show his true colors. >> that fright tens me. what's the vibe you got? >> the vibe i got was he was going to use his new found freedom to mandate. if i had taken a drinking game and used a shot every time they used the word mandate i would have had alcohol poisoning by noon. he will use his freedom to squash our personal freedom. wait and see. >> you interviewed people who seemed to be repeating talking points? >> it was as though the democratic party had issued everyone the same statements the same lines about climate change
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and mandates and healthcare. i didn't see any of the pamphlets. maybe it was some sort of a chip activated as soon as you walked through security. it was incredible. no one was able to think their own thoughts or articulate something original. that was why it was boring. >> i am glad i wasn't there. since he plans to stop climate change and provide more health insurance yet make no cuts to medicare or social security or much of anything, where is the money going to come from. the crowd didn't see a problem with that. >> he's a big spending president how does he curtail that. >> he's not the spending president. bush spent so much mown nobody said anything. >> he's not? >> no, i don't think so. >> have you looked at the -- >> i would like to differ with you on that. >> you can like to differ but it's not true. >> it is true when you look at how much -- if you look at how much president bush spends it is
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more than what obama spends. >> it took 8 years to get the united states where it is now it will take another 8 years to get it back. >> we can stop doing it if we stop spending a lot of money on war. >> taxing people that have a lot of money is not unfair. we don't need people to be as rich as they really are. >> and for the record bush did spend an astounding 3 trillion per year average over 8 years, but obama spent 3.8 trillion per year so far and that is adjusted for inflation so obama spent 25 percent more. they don't believe there. they think it's all bush. they think it's all bush's fault. >> it's a special kind of kool-aid. it's half worship mixed with mass illusion and they are all drinking it. they couldn't answer the question how are you going to pay for it? look at the riots and protests and killing and tlhreats that ae
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happening in that country. >> this is the scariest part. i assume we will become greece. i hope we can avoid greece. the reaction of people in greece is not to say gee we messed up we spent too much. it's to be angry about the politicians who want to cut back a bit and how do they take it out? they bomb the homes of tv commentators who support some cuts. >> it's the guy in the box. get rid of him. >> that's the model for us? >> unfortunately that's the road we are headed down. i live in california and we see it coming even faster. we are on the coast we shouldn't be that close to greece but we are. >> you are another model for failure. thank you. >> thank you very much. at least you said i was a model i take that as a compliment. you should send me to greece. i studied in greece.
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i actually love greece. understand the greek people. i will go from i will show the problems i will come up with potential solutions and we will solve everything together. >> we will have to talk about that. thank you, kennedy. >> later in the show the president's own worst. >> america has a debt problem. >> that's not the actual president, but those are barack obama's words. once he believed that. >> how the stakes may push back against imperial washington. red lobster's 30 shrimp. wow, that's a lot of shrimp. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's 30 shrimp! for $11.99 pair any two shrimp selections on one plate! like mango jalapeño shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. just $11.99. offer ends soon! i'm ryon stewart, and i sea food diffently.
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>> americans say we don't trust politicians, but then they demand that politicians fix every problem. that's how we got obama care a federal education department, a drug war. the voters say do something. it's a natural instinct. that's why i wrote "no they can't." politicians promise to problems, but they can't. off fen we can without government. so, as we begin what can we do if we disagree with president obama's big government vision?
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mark mekler has ideas. he has the group called citizens for self governance. rose is vice president of the labor tearilibertarian gold waw institute. start with obama care. >> states shall establish health insurance exchanges if they don't do it the government will do it for them. several states said go ahead force a policy on your own we are not going to do it. you have to implement your own laws. it protects businesses and they're states from fines. it stops massive subsidies and on to the irs. >> it is an exchange that invites you to go on the web. it is no cost to the tax payer.
3:19 pm
if 25 states say no we cont step them up. >> they will end up doing an exchange in each state. taxpayers will be protected from the worst part of the federal healthcare law if their states chose not to adopt a law. >> if they can't fine you 2,000 or whatever it is if you don't join up. >> it did not give the federal authority to subsidiary dies private authority insurance companies. insurance companies to take people they wouldn't normally take and businesses who refuse
3:20 pm
to comply with the law where is the law? it's nowhere. >> it is an agreement between two or more states. we have 7 states that have now passed it. >> legislatures voted for it and governor signed it into law. that will be presented to congress. this is a way for to say we can do a better job we are close to the people. this is a good approach across the board not just in healthcare. >> they almost have no complexibility they have to cover this and this and this whatever obama care tidictates. >> if states want to have a less approach to healthcare they can opt into the federal government or do a state like texas will do or free market system and find out what really works.
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>> let's look at where the federal government has taken over school the department of education. >> the department of education a total waste. $00 billion spent no improvement in test scores. >> they spend 1 is00 billion a year with no results. we as americans have allowed that to continue far too long. it is time to drive that back to the parents. >> some states are doing terrific jobs. one of the things we are seeing now across the country as mark was saying the government is asking them to homogenize. they want the schools teaching the exact same thing at the exact same time. in places like arizona we are seeing the state go in the completely opposite direction where parents are being given the freedom to renew program called education savings
3:22 pm
accounts to hand pick the exact courses in learning enrichment opportunities. >> third topic, marijuana. about a dozen states allow medical marijuana. two states colorado and washington state outright legalization. the feds keep running aids. president obama although he admits he got high and that was pint as he said, now he is locking people up for doing what he did. >> he thinks it's funny he got away from it and now he is ruining people's lives. >> what is ruining people's lives? >> they being prosecuted for the things he did. he thinks that's funny and he's in charge of making sure the prosecutions go forward. federal government should have no involvement in this. it should be at the state level. let the states who represent the people best make the decisions on their own.
3:23 pm
>> we will see how much the government puts into this. >> not a good way to govern that you may be arrested for anything but they don't have the energy. >> i would argue for those in power that's the perfect way to govern. they want to create a nation of criminals. there is unsurety about who will be prosecuted. they do it not only with marijuana and drug policy but all areas of the law. we have so much over criminalization it is creating problems for all of us. >> talk about guns. since the connecticut school shooting there is new driver for federal gun control at the un e inauguration people very enthusiastic about that. >> guns need to go away. >> what about the first amendment should we get rid of that? >> first amendment shouldn't be gone away with. >> we can't pick and choose. >> yes, we could. >> the 4th stays search and
3:24 pm
seizure. >> i like them all. >> i don't like the second. the second can go away. >> it's not a buffet, though. >> guns can go away. >> she knew what the 4th amendment was yet she will throw out the second. >> these are people with a fundamental misunderstanding of our constitution, the meaning of the second amendment. it was designed to protect us against government teern kne tyranny. >> she picks and chooses her tyranny. >> that is typical. >> finally taxes. last week we talked about the beauty of 50 states. you mentioned the laboratory of democracy. at least you can escape your state if they tax you to death. >> you can the problem we have is federal tax continues to get more and more. we should start by repealing the federal income tax.
3:25 pm
>> you don't hear that all over. you hear it in my audience. people like federal rules. >> you have higher rates of entrepreneur ship. they have higher job growth higher personal income growth in the states where we are going without having income taxpayers they are weathering the it so much better. last week four governors said they are making a push to eliminate their state income tax. we are going to see more states compete against each other to attract businesses in other ways. >> the fight against immigration and illegal immigration and the president's own words come back to haunt him. >> our federal debt has increased from 3.5 trillion to
3:26 pm
$8.6 trillion. yes, i said trillion with a t.
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>> >> illegal. you can sneak into america take our jobs and commit crimes and take our welfare. no. most are legal. last year president obama issued an executive order that would allow children whose parents brought them here illegally to work for two years without fear of deportation. i would think immigrant groups would like that. daniel garza who heads the lebre initiative an advocacy group based in dc says it was done mostly to support political points and it's not helpful. >> no it's not helpful. that's exactly what it was.
3:31 pm
he did score political points and he scored. >> why isn't it helpful? he is legalizing some workers. >> it is but it was a temporary band-aid to what should have been a term nant solution. we had republicans on the hill who were work to go get something permanent. what he did was de rail that. >> you say some republicans have a better plan? what? >> i don't know if it's a better plan. what we have on one side president barack obama is -- wants a big mass i have bill. one of those you can't wrap your arms around and is unpalatable to the republican side and wants it in bite sized chunks. let's break it down. how do we address the issue of those who are here unauthorized. the children of those unauthorized. also those who want to come into the country and border security. marco rubio feels those who have no permanent record come forward to be finger printed back taxes are fine after a waiting period
3:32 pm
can apply for citizenship. >> i don't know if you said apply for citizenship. >> adjustment of status to legal gality. we de criminalize the activity where they are responding what they need to hire to make prophet. unfortunately what we have is a criminal culture that is a seed de under ground. >> like your father? >> my father came on the shoulders of his uncle crossed the river illegally when he was 12 he became a legal resident. thank god my father did that made a decision to come to america. >> if you have a bill like these that legalized people, this rewards the legality. it says break the law we will forgive you. >> we have to understand these folks come from rural areas and countries in latin america where they do things extra legal where
3:33 pm
the rule of law is not important. so when they come here they break the law but they break the law to work. americans like to break the law not to work. >> it is going to lower the wage of american workers. burdens the welfare system, they go on welfare, they gain the system. >> which actually makes the case for immigration reform. what we need to do is to set a condition where folks who do apply are going to be severlf reliant aren't going to be a burden to the state and they have to prove that. after so many years maybe they can prove themselves and apply for permanencesy. it is important for hispanic families and cohesiveness of hispanic families. >> you wrote an arlen titled "people are not illegal." these people 12 million are illegal. i use the phrase illegals. you object to that. >> i strongly object to that. these folks are human beings they are fathers, they are
3:34 pm
mothers, they are grandparents who are seeking opportunity. people are not illegal what they do is illegal. if you brand them as illegal what you do in a sense what you are trying to do is de humanize them. it makes it maybe better to not think of their dreams and aspirations as equal to yours. they are fellow human beings who are seeking opportunities. to use illegals is not helpful to the dialogue. it is demeaning to the folks. >> thank you daniel garza of the lebra initiative a group who believes in free market. >> economic freedom. >> coming up later, the real barack obama. >> if washington were serious we would see an effort to reduce our debt by returning to responsible fiscal policies. >> barack obama's actual words. also how i will now judge whether a politician is likely to do the right thing. thing.
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[ male announcer ] adt. always there. >> we must make hard choices to reduce the deficit. >> yes. we must make hard choices to reduce the deficit. he doesn't propose hard choices. in his long inaugural address monday he mentioned debt once. he said we reject the idea we must choose between caring for the elderly and investigating t investing in the next generation. >> taxes are high enough. it was thought that the tax limits would starve the beef of courses beef being washington.
3:40 pm
it is a good term for washington. but starving the beast hasn't worked. even tax cutting politicians just keep spending. as milton friedman taught me spending is a far more accurate gauge of spending. every dollar spent is a dollar taxed away from someone. if it is borrowed it is higher for taxes later. our purchasing power falls. it is all a tax on our future. instead of politicians pledging not to raise taxes what we need are politicians pledging not to raise spending. now finally we have got that thanks to jonathan bid lack of the coalition to reduce spending which came up with this reject the debt pledge. tell me about that. >> well, the pledge basically asks candidates three things one vote for a balanced budget, two they won't vote for any spending that is offset elsewhere in the budget. three they won't vote to
3:41 pm
increase borrowing or the debt ceiling. >> anybody sign it? >> we had 24 candidates who signed. >> you just started it this year? >> this election cycle. the two elected were senator cruise from texas and doug collins representative from georgia. >> that means most of them lost. >> obviously this is not something that is easy to sign. it is easy to say you are not going to write taxes another to say you are not going to borrowing. >> i will sign it because i don't count. i am not a politician. i get the part therefore i pledge i will not authorize or fund new programs without offsetting cuts in others. but this one i will not vote for any budget that is not balanced. that seems unreal lice ti-- unrealistic. if you just slow the growth of government in ten years you could get us out of trouble. >> the budget is a blue print. the budget is not the be all end all. the problem is we haven't passed a budget in the last three and a
3:42 pm
half years. so to be honest that plank of the pledge is in the political environment less relevant than the other two. >> no incumbents have signed the pledge. >> ted cruz is now incumbent. >> and ted cruz for all we know could end up being a great fiscal conservative. edged end up being a complete unfiscal conservative spender. we have him on the record if he votes for unbalanced budget, if he votes for new spending problems voters in the press and activists can tohold him accountable. >> a fox news poll asked people government spending is out of control or managed carefully? 2009, 62 percent said out of control. but by this year 83 percent. so why b-- if people think that why is it so hard to cover. >> i think because people don't have a reck nich -- mechanism. if you asked the studio audience
3:43 pm
here. maybe this isn't a representative example. if you went to the coffee shop around the corner. >> they are not representative either. >> if you went to a coffee shop in some other place and you said, you are making 5,000 dollars a month but you are spending 10,000 what do you need to do the average person is not going to say i need you to go to the boss and ask for a 5,000 dollar raise. they are not going to say i need to cut out my starbucks i need to fundamentally reassess what i am spending my money on. they do that ner their personal lives but not the political sphere. they don't hold people in the political sphere accountable when they don't act as they would in their own personal lives. that's why i think the pledge is important. >> the poll miss leads because everybody says let's cut spending. when you get to the specifics should it be defense, should it be medicare? should we kill the drug war? >> you can't. rather than surprising rather than the poll last month that shows 48 percent of americans
3:44 pm
believe everything in the budget should be on the table as a means of balancing the budget. so that is the highest that that poll has ever shown. it was something like a 4 or 5 percent increase from the last time asked the question. so when you talk about it in the context of the debt people start to get that we have a spending problem. >> thank you jonathan bydlak. hopefully lots of people sign this thing. next the audience gets to ask the question then senator barack obama. politician i longed for. >> it took 42 presidents 224 years to run up only $1 trillion worth of foreign held debt.
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3:48 pm
[applause] john: we're back with your questions. mark meckler a>> mark mekler founded the biggest tea party group. daniel garza who wants immigrants made legal and jonathan bid lalak who wants to encourage politicians not to increase spending. susan cross says about executive orders what are the limits? who made the most during their presidency? >> what is an executive order and what are the limits? >> executive orders are
3:49 pm
something used by presidents and supposedly to allow them to execute the law or other duties. they are not actually specified in the constitution. there are no specified limits. presidents used them in variety of ways. they seem to get more expansive. they create imperial presidency. there are no limits on them. >> and the worst i happen to know this is not barack obama or fdr it was teddy roosevelt who issued a thousand executive orders including one that tried to change the language. he said word should be self fan gnatcally kist, k- i-ssh-t and enough, enu -- e-n-u-f. >> when will the president get serious about cutting the debt? what will it take? >> mass i have inflation?
3:50 pm
>> i think it will take a change in incentive. for elected officials right now you think about would they want to cut spending or increase spending all of their incentives are on the side of increase spending. they have lobbying groups pushing for various pieces of spending. there needs to be something on the other side. >> everybody who comes to washington they aren't saying cut spending. they are saying oh this group so much needs help and this program is so good. 99 percent of the testimonies they hear is for more spending. >> i think it's time for an advocacy organization on the other side of that equation to show there's a movement of people out there who care about this issue enough to vote on this. >> we took a look a couple years ago at state capitals as well. states are facing the same problems with spending. in most state capitals lobbyists that are paid for by government funds, tax payer funded lobbyists out number brooprivat sector lobbyists 10-1. when you think about the dynamics that creates when
3:51 pm
everybody is coming to lobby them is government funded. >> government paid lobbyists what does that mean? >> somebody who is paid to lobby for a city. there's a county lobbyists or lobby for the state healthcare program or state environmental office. or state university. >> for state schools. >> these are folks politically connected as well. we have krohnism at play here. if you are affluent and connected you are going to get a part of the pie. >> disregarding the morality or ethics of the law in this case immigration, it is the law. so to what extent is it morally acceptable to break the law? >> it is not acceptable but because it is being broken so much property and lives are not being lost here. what you have is you criminalize the relationship between the private sector and an individual. so why not legalize that
3:52 pm
relationship. >> it will be between labor and capital. >> thank you all for coming. president obama, you will be amazed at what he once said.
3:53 pm
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john: did you
3:56 pm
>> did you watch the inaugural ceremony this week? how many of you watched the inauguration? minority of you. we watched so you don't have to. i thought president obama started out okay. >> the patriots of 1776 did not fight to replace the tyranny of a king with the privileges of a few. >> yes. america doesn't need the tyranny of a king or the tyranny of a privileged few. but then the president went on to say w-he and a privileged few should force the rest of us to do a zillion things. >> together, together -- together. >> he kept saying the word together. >> we must do these things together. >> what together means to big government folks is they have a vision and all of us together must go deeper into debt to pay for their vision even if we disagree.
3:57 pm
we can afford this apparently as the president told john boehner last month because america does not have a spending problem. but of course we do have a spending problem and a debt problem. i prefer senator barack obama, the man who said this... >> i am here today to talk about america's debt problem. the fact that we are here to debate raising america's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure and our government's reckless fiscal policy. >> raising the debt limit was a failure. it was in 2006 when he was not yet president when he said that. but then he skill cared about the debt. we can't find the video of him saying that on the senate there are but here are his words. we took the text from the congressional record. >> over the past five years our federal debt has increased from 3.5 trillion to $8.6 trillion. and yes, i said trillion with a
3:58 pm
t. >> again his word. he would you see right then to worry about the debt. >> that's money we have borrowed from the social security trust fund, borrowed from china and japan and borrowed from american taxpayers. this rising debt is a hidden domestic enemy robbing our cities and states of critical investments and infrastructure robbing our families and our children and robbing seniors of the retirement and health security they have counted on for all of these years. >> exactly. our national debt is a hidden domestic enemy. and i was glad to discover that in 2006 the future president was upset about the interest on our debt. >> every dollar we pay in interest that is a dollar that is not going to investments in america's priorities. if washington were serious we would see an effort to reduce our debt by returning to responsible fiscal policies. >> yes, we would. if washington were serious. the real president obama looked
3:59 pm
serious but he isn't. he ignores what he was right to be upset about just 7 years ago. congressional record shows that senator obama said this about the bush administration. it took 42 presidents 224 years to run up only one trillion of foreign held debt. this administration did more than that in just five years. he was right the bush administration did that. but now obama's administration has done much worse. they have run up another 6 trillion in debt. how is that possible when just a few years ago barack obama believed this. >> america has a debt problem. therefore tends to oppose the effort to increase america's debt limit. >> this year president obama demands congress raise the debt limit without condition. i want the old barack obama back. he made sense. a new guy, he scares the heck out of me. i fear h


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